Learn 10x more from your customer feedback in minutes

Do you want to hear customer voices loud and clear, but feel pressure to keep up with all the feedback? Our AI can be your superpower to cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

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You bring the questions. We bring the answers.

Betterform leverages the power of AI to analyze your customer surveys to give you actionable insights. It's almost like magic.

Transform your customer feedback into actionable insights

Your time is valuable

Automatically prioritize responses by business impact

Spend your time where it matters most. Quickly follow-up where needed, skip the spam, and focus on your best customers.

See the bigger picture

Interact with all of your feedback in one place

You get feedback across many channels and it's hard to keep track of context. We'll help you organize it all and make sense of the bigger picture.

Get ahead of the curve

See the top trends & customer sentiment over time

The insights you need change as your business grows. We'll help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business and get ahead of the curve.

Works with the tools you know and love

Pull in feedback from all the tools you already use keep your team connected with signals to Slack, Discord, and more.

Google Forms

Simple pricing for your team

Use Betterform for free with your whole team. Upgrade to plug in unlimited data sources, enhanced search, and additional features.

Free for everyone

For the curious, the hobbyist, or the freelance researcher.


  • Connect your CRM
  • Plug in up to 2 data sources
  • Sync your data once a week
  • Explore automated summaries
  • Ask up to 25 questions per month
  • Email support
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$59 / month

For startups, agencies, freelance researchers, and more.

Small business

  • Report & workflow automation
  • Connect up to 10 data sources
  • Sync your data daily
  • Tone & sentiment analysis
  • Ask up to 200 questions per month
  • Priority access to new features
  • Direct line to our team for support
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For even the biggest enterprise companies.


  • Federated security (SAML & SSO)
  • SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance
  • High-fidelity audit logging
  • Self-hosting in your private cloud
  • Priority support
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Scale your feedback today

Get answers to your burning questions without the time commitment – learn more in minutes flat.

Frequently asked questions

    • How does all of this work?

      Once you've used our easy integrations to connect your existing tools – email, chat, typeform, and so on – we'll automatically load in your content and run it through our suite of proprietary analytics tools.
    • What do you mean, “I can ask questions” about my data?

      We want to reduce friction and make exploring customer feedback painless. You can ask questions in plain English and get actionable answers in minutes.
    • What makes you different from the other AI-powered tools out there?

      Unlike most new "AI" companies, we don't just use a single tool and hope for the best; we layer on both classical methods and fine-tuned intelligence to give you the most accurate and actionable insights possible.
    • I’d like to pay for unlimited questions – is this something you support?

      Sure! Reach out to us and we'd be happy to work out a plan that works for you.
    • I have a custom data source / integration that I need to integrate. Can you help?

      Of course! Reach out to us and we'll see what we can do.
    • My data is sensitive and I need an on-premise / self-hosted solution. Is this possible?

      Yes, but we'd like to learn more about your specific needs – please reach out to our team and we can get the ball rolling.
    • Does your team have access to my data?

      If you choose to use our central cloud platform, then by the nature of our business we will have access to your data.
      This said, we will never share your data with anyone else, and we will never use your data for any purpose other than to provide you with the best possible service.
    • How do I segment my data?

      We're currently exploring more convenient options for segmenting your data by source, category, sentiment, tone, and more. Stay tuned!
    • How do I segment my users?

      We're currently exploring more convenient options for segmenting your users by source, enriched metrics from Segment/Mixpanel/etc, data from your CRM, and more. Stay tuned!

Have more questions? Reach out to us at [email protected].